TONIGHT: Mister Burns Celebrates his 1000th Show


Tonight, Foam Brewers will be hosting the official Above The Radar 2018 Jump Off Party. There will be music from Jarv, somehow still humble despite being Rapper Of The Year, and Mister Burns will be headlining with his live band, The Hounds.

That’s a big enough deal already, to be sure, but: this is also the 1000th show that Mister Burns has played. That record owes a lot to his early days with Lynguistic Civilians, true, but the man has only stepped it up from there. Under the umbrella of his VMB Productions imprint, he’s been carving out New England touring circuits for independent hip hop. That’s because venues know he will bring through a top notch lineup — like his “Preceding The Warmth” tour this Spring, with none other than Masta Ace, or the “Will Rap For Art” tour this summer, which brought along Dillon, Eyenine and of course, Jarv.

Along the way, he’s been providing opportunities for new local artists, not to mention raising thousands for local charities. I don’t mean to imply that the scene owes him anything — I mean to state that as a fact. So head on down to 112 Lake Street to celebrate a landmark moment and get Above The Radar started right. It’s going to be an awesome weekend in BTV.

Justin Boland