The Preceding the Warmth Tour - Masta Ace w/ Mister Burns & Jarv


Big news this week from VMB Productions - an eight-stop tour featuring Mister Burns and Jarv alongside legendary lyricist Masta Ace. That's a heck of a lineup.

They'll be touching down at the Rusty Nail Stage in Stowe, VT to celebrate alongside Hustle, Loyalty and Respect artists Jibba "The Gent" and yung phenom Drive, who is already having a hot 2018 run. The rest of the tour is a proper sprint around New England...

4.12 - Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub / Cambridge, MA
4.13 - Rusty Nail Stage / Stowe, VT
4.14 - Waterfront Tavern / Holyoke, MA w/ Sadat X (!!!!)
4.15 - Newport Blues Cafe / Newport, RI
4.17 - The Hive: Co-working Space / Keene, NH
4.18 - Stella Blues LLC / New Haven, CT
4.19 - Empire Live Music & Events / Portland, ME
4.20 - Sandwich Taverna / Forestdale, MA

This is both a huge move and a pretty typical maneuver for Mister Burns.  Having built himself into a formidable franchise, he's now carving out customized tour circuits, in addition to all the other behind the scenes hustling he does.

Burns learned the game working with The Lynguistic Civilians, who had a huge, successful run. Which is not to say they're past tense yet -- especially since they will probably win the Seven Daysie for Best Hip Hop again this year. But that long reign was an opportunity to get familiar with every aspect of music management, good, bad & ugly. Anyone reading this should do the same. 

Justin Boland