The "Will Rap For Art" Tour: Dillon, Eyenine, Jarv & Mister Burns


Mister Burns never stops working. Those five words are a formula as ironclad & consistent as the second law of thermodynamics. Everyone is hustling, everyone is grinding, but people like Mister Burns really put those casual rapper brags into perspective.

His latest project, through his VMB Productions, is the "Will Rap For Art" Tour, which kicks off August 9th at The Monkey House in Winooski. From there: a ten-day sprint across New England.

The bill is top notch. Jarv, you already know -- he's officially the best rapper in Vermont now, after all. Many readers might already know the speed-rap human muppet Eyenine, too, since he's played plenty of shows in BTV by now. He's a show-stopping talent who's impressed the RZA; not something you see on a lot of resumes lately.

Rounding the bill out is Dillon, a very talented producer/spitter from Atlanta. I first realized he existed last year, when he dropped the superb Black Tie Affair, which was produced by none other than Diamond D. (That might be an even bigger co-sign than the RZA, depending on your taste.)

So: this is an all-killer, no-filler evening of quality rap music and it's coming to a venue near you. Come on through. 

Justin Boland