The Long, Crazy Weekend Ahead


September is a beautiful month. It’s also the last gasp we get before a crushing winter, so it makes sense that every weekend would be packed from here to October. While the big story in Burlington this weekend is Grace Potter’s big bash, Grand Point North, there’s also some big (nay, huge) things going on for hip hop heads.

First up is Above The Radar, a graffitti art festival on the Burlington waterfront that’s grown into a huge success. Founded and facilitated by the tight-knit Anthill Collective crew, it’s a weekend-long, all-elements hip hop party that attracts world-class graf talent. There will also be celebrations downtown -- a Jump Off Party at Foam Brewers on Friday night and a less official party at Three Needs on Saturday.

You can stop through at 1 King Street at pretty much any point this weekend and see amazing art in progress, so make it a point to swing through whenever opportunity provides. You will be glad you did.


Not to be outdone, the Heartless Entertainment team is throwing a party at City Hall with a strong lineup on Friday. Hip Hop Takes City Hall will kick off at 8 pm and runs until midnight, with sets from Kingcash, MF Millz, Spade Raw, R.O.D, Y-Dub, Yung Ace, Quebeats, Bitzzzzz, K. Prince, and of course, the brothers BL Spitz and Kingbread. From there, the posse will convene back at Club Metronome to celebrate the release of the new BL Spitz album, Mr. Credible.

In honor of the upcoming BL Spitz run for office, the preferred dress code is a business formal take on hip hop style, so make the man proud.


Finally, up in Harmony, Maine, the epic 656 Fest will be hosting a packed weekend of acts from New England and beyond. This marks their second year and hot damn — for a regional, rural party, the 656 team went huge: Slaine, Caskey, Twiztid, Ces Cru, Termanology and Ren Thomas will all be playing. This is a serious festival.  

There’s also a heavy lineup of local talent playing: Jibba “The Gent,” who is signed to 656, will be rocking a spotlight set at 8 pm on Friday. He’ll be joined over the weekend by Kasidon, D.FRENCH, Ciurleo, Cognac Cousins, Modest and SirchoBangz. Props to everyone making the pilgrimage — not that they’re exactly roughing it. Sure, it’s in the woods, but there will be a ton of entertainment, and food, and all manner of unholy powerful marijuana products. Props to the 656 team for doing it right.


Wherever you do it, however you do it, thank you for your support. Our artists depend on the fans. The scene is expanding because the fanbase is expanding: thank you all.

Justin Boland