VIDEO: Learic & SkySplitterInk - Tranquil ft. Meighan Kelley


Lifetimes ago back in April, emcee Learic and producer SkySplitterInk teamed up for The Theorist, an ambitious EP for Equal Eyes Records that was structured like a short film.

Not just thematically: it’s a seven song story, carefully told over bumping beats. It debuted along with a video for the first track, “Opening Credits,” which was more of a teaser than an opening chapter.

This week, the duo dropped that opening chapter, “Tranquil,” which kicks off an ambitious project. With help from DVP Cinematography lens pro Miles Goad, they’re going to gradually turn that musical journey into an actual movie.

“The long-term goal is to edit each video together to form a cohesive short film of the entire story,” Learic explains. “It is quite an endeavor, especially with the complexity and scope increasing with each video,” he says, but the team is not sweating it. “If we execute each video one at a time, we’ll get to where we need to be.”

“The rest of the chapters are going to stretch into next year,” SkySplitterInk says, confirming that “filming starts very soon for the third and fourth episodes.”

As intricate as this project was, both artists emphasize how easily it all came together. “It just really helped to be right in the studio during the whole process so that anything could be on the table,” says Learic, calling the result “a true fusion of music and lyrics.”

“This was definitely a fully SkyLab based project,” SkySplitter confirms, “from beats to writing and recording, all the way to final masters.” By necessity, they had the story plotted out in advance — and arranged musically. “We listened to each beat and what the mood seemed to be calling for,” Learic recalls, “and we came up with an outline.”

“We wrote the whole arc together,” says SkySplitter, “including plot points and events, before he ever started crafting lyrics.”

“It was like a puzzle of how to communicate that part of the story in the number of bars provided,” Learic adds.

As for what’s next, they’ve got broad horizons in mind. “We’ve talked about a possible sequel,” says Learic, “or even like a True Detective style project, with a similar feel in tone but with different characters.”

“Let’s just say both,” SkySplitter laughs, promising a whole other project, “a different sorta collab,” being developed in secret. This is a team that’s just getting started. Stay tuned.

Justin Boland