VIDEO: Yung Breeze - "Do What I Do"

Yung video auteur Vego Harris has been on a hot streak lately. Especially this past week, which saw new music videos drop from Raw Deff, Ciurleo, Raw Deff again, and now he’s back with this slick, effective treatment for Yung Breeze. “Do What I Do” is a single off Breeze’s latest mixtape, Election Day: Term 2, which is a packed wall of bars with a distinctly throwback feel.

The prolific style shifter promised to flood the market in 2019, and he’s been doing exactly that. Which is fitting, since he sits at the intersection of two busy crews, So.802 and Street Religion, which has been expanding into New Hampshire. That’s going to be a theme for every team doing serious work this year, as a more unified New England underground emerges and our talent pool continues to improve.

This summer is going to be insane. Props to the creators.

Justin Boland