VIDEO: March Davis - "Bread & Butter"


VT/LA artist March Davis is yet another shining example of how little this website actually matters. This is a point I will never stop making because every month, there’s a dozen new kids jumping into the scene who think a website is, somehow, going to put them on. Such concerns should be beneath you. Blogs are worth less than nothing in 2019.

A solid project, on the other hand, remains solid gold. March Davis had a long-ass road to the release of Del Mar, his breakout 2018 EP that even got a mention in The Source — one of the few hip hop websites that still matters, post-Zuckerborg & post-Spotify. This was around the same time that RESPECT called him “Vermont’s Great Hope.

He’s been moving at a blistering pace ever since, too, cranking out singles and videos and building a following. “Bread & Butter” is one of the best from his recent run, exemplifying the smooth, photogenic hybrid R&B product he’s evolved into.

As slick as all of this looks in 2019, though, March Davis paid a lot of dues in the Green Mountains — back when he went by “Neffy.” He cut his teeth doing his own production, recording, booking & promotion in Bennington and beyond. Something From Nothing, right? There is no other path to a fanbase, and all that work is mandatory.

So don’t focus on being the biggest or the best — focus on getting your life in order. Focus on being your best self. In closing, here’s March Davis and Yung Breeze flexing over some THEN WHAt production, talking about just that.

Justin Boland