"Weirdo" - GOOD WTHR ft. PureWZRD

Coming at the tail end of December 2017, GOOD WTHR's debut LP Somewhere Shining didn't make the usual "Year's Best" lists, but: it really should have. The duo of Pro & Kin delivered a serious album with top-notch production, bars for days, and grown-up songwriting, too.

While GOOD WHTR is technically a new rap group, their experience sets them apart. They're constantly dropping new content with professional sound quality and a consistent look. They're constantly working on fresh publicity, in the US and beyond, and never treat their work like an "old release" -- because there is always new audience out there. 

Both of these emcees have been doing album-length projects and collaborating with artists around the world for many years now. For instance, their latest single features Manchester, UK rapper-crooner PureWZRD on the hook. 

Of course, The Internet is what makes all this possible: you can network with like-minded artists anywhere on Earth with decent wi-fi. Here in the 802, artists like BurntMD, JynxINC, and Rhythm Ruckus took advantage of that early, nailing serious collaborations and co-signs with timing, talent, and luck. The Aztext took it further than most, though -- Pro and Learic did an exceptional job finding talent to connect with overseas. 

GOOD WTHR has adopted a similar approach, and 2018 will be a sprint full of singles and LP credits. The duo will be on feature tracks for a half-dozen albums this Summer, by artists stretching from Boston (B Leafs) to Belarus (Dray Yard). Perhaps most prominently, they'll also be appearing on the next project from Switzerland true-school production powerhouse, Soulslicers. That is a good look.

Yet some of the work they're most excited about is local produce, like their upcoming single with Rico James of Equal Eyes Records. Then there's an entire EP with producer/multi-instrumentalist SkySplitterInk. "If the first two tracks are indicative of the rest of this project," Pro says, "this is going to be very special."

More on this team in the near future, obviously. Meanwhile, give "Weirdo" a few spins.

Justin Boland