ROUNDUP: New Singles & Songs


Happy Wednesday, folks. It is time, once again, for our regular roundup & rundown of new hip hop tracks from the 802 -- today's selection is superb.

First up, a new song from emcee NOtation and producer/DJ David Chief -- "Moodrings" is a brave, fascinating track that makes it clear the next phase of NOtation's evolution will be full of surprises. If the names are new to you, check out their recent (damn fine) tape SANDS

"I keep giving you bangers after bangers," states BTV rapper Bitzzzzz, and that ... that is objectively true. "Desire" continues her 2018 winning streak and showcases her sharp flows & funny songwriting.  

Loupo is prepping a ton of new music, and broke us off this smooth-ass SZA remix to get the hype train started in style. Witness a young man on the rise. We'll have a lot of Loupo updates shortly. 

SkySplitterInk does not make idle threats. When he promised to release more music than ever this year, dude meant it. This latest single is an immaculately produced tribute to the late great Stephen Hawking, and it's a worthy headphone trip. The rest of Spring 2018 is going to be a blitzkrieg of new SkySplitterInk -- expect a lot of of collaboration singles in the weeks to come. 

Finally, we've got "Making Big Moves," a single from Ciurleo, the newest artist on the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect roster. A lucky mammal, in other words: that's a strong team with a lot to teach. Ciurleo is currently working on his debut mixtape, Better Late Than Never. Welcome to the club, bud!


Justin Boland