2/15: 3rd Thursdays @ The Monkey House


Improbably, February has been a busy month for shows. One of the biggest is coming up on Thursday, as Hustle, Loyalty and Respect parters with Sec2None for a special "TAKEOVER" edition of the 3rd Thursdays series.

Mike Fulton will be hosting the evening, which is always a good decision.

Street Religion and Bar None the Best will both be delivering sets, which is a huge conglomeration of non-BTV tap talent going down within rock-throwing distance of UVM campus. Self Portrait will hold it down for the Queen City while Boomslang brings the party from Montpelier. Members of the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect roster will also be in the building: Modest, Drive and BioZone

In addition, there's going to be a crowd-favorite contest to open up for The Perceptionists, who will be at The Monkey House quite shortly -- Friday, February 23rd, in fact. Ten artists get a single song to make it happen. Be there to scream about it. 9 pm. 18+ $8 / 21+ $3

Justin Boland