ROUNDUP: Locally Grown Singles, January 2018


Some quality produce on deck today...

First up, we've got two strong spitters combining forces for a single: "Crash Landed" is a collab feauturing Windsor emcee XP and Lebanon, NH animal Raw Deff, who dropped a blistering album with Yung Breeze and Judge da Beast late last year, "Hitmen for Hire." As always, shots fired and no fucks given.


Chel Strong and Es-K are continuing their weekly single series with "Two Sides of a Coin," an impressive story-telling cut over some gorgeous production work. Es-K beats are always very musical & melodic compared to prevailing trends, but when he's in the lab with Chel Strong, it seems to bring out a whole other level. This track is no exception -- best with good headphones at high volume.


Wes the Best is a fairly new artist, affiliated with the StiltzGang crew. His intricate rhyme schemes and 90's East Coast vibe are a big departure from the Stiltz aesthetic, but his outspoken love of marijuana is not. "4 Life" is a low-key introduction to a high-density lyricist who has a lot more material on the way.


SkySplitterInk dropped a new cut this Wednesday featuring Humble, Question and Rajnii flexing introspective over a dense, shifting and catchy beat. The musician / producer / engineer / emcee / singer / father figure is going to be clearing out more singles off his hard drive as we march into spring, so stay tuned.


Finally, an instrumental from the Milkhaus crew. "Alarm Clock" was composed by LoKi to be his actual morning wakeup -- a slowly unfolding mix of soothing synths and live percussion elements. Dig it.

Justin Boland