ROUNDUP: Fresh Local Produce


One of the best things about Autumn is the horror of realizing another year of your life is gone, gone and gone. It’s the best, isn’t it? 2018 was an incredibly prolific run for rappers and producers in the state of Vermont. There’s just never been this much volume before — or this much quality, really. And it looks like we’re going to get even more new albums before the year is out. Let’s dig in.

As promised in our recent interview with THEN WHAt, there is new music coming from The Others, his project with NH spitter Raw Deff, who dropped one of 2018’s best local rap albums, Uninvited Guest. No word on a title or release date yet, but "Flip The Script” makes it clear this next album will be worth the wait.

Up next is Teece Luvv of Maiden Voyage, breaking us off with some bars. “A lot of trash-talking going on, I wish you the best, my mission is to flex on these Loony Toon flakes who wanna buy my beats but you ain’t got cake.” It would be dope to get an EP of breezy rap cuts like this, but it’s safe to bet that Mr. Luvv is cooking up something more soulful for his next meal.

Up next, BL SPITZ with a new single off the Heartless Forever mixtape, which has been downloaded almost thirty times since it dropped on Friday. “KULTURE VULTURE” may only be a minute long, but it marks the first time that Vermont Hip Hop News has gotten a shout-out on a track! Big ups and thanks for the exposure.

Finally, a new single from the team of Omega Jade (get familiar!) and Rico James. “United States of Dope Men” is a hard-hitting cut about growing up in a society run by drug dealers. As ever, this is clean writing, autobiographical rap over a dope throwback beat. Whatever these two are cooking up, it’s going to hit hard.

Justin Boland