On Sunday, October 14th, the Light Club Lamp Shop will be hosting the latest edition of Rhyme & Unreason, one of the most interesting shows in the Queen City. The brainchild of writer / rapper / comedian Omega Jade, the format blends standup comedy sets with freestyle rap improv. The result is generally a wild, unpredictable evening.

Sunday’s ceremony will feature comedians Liz Scharnetzki, Nicole Sisk, Dave Anderson and Joe Gringas. After each of their sets, a rapper gets to step up and deliver a freestyle build around the same themes — those rappers being Jarv, Mister Burns, Rajnii and Sed One of Boomslang. That’s a top notch lineup, and it’s a testament to the hard work of Omega Jade that it came together.

Here, we’re talking shop about the BTV scene, her burgeoning rap career, and the teamwork that makes it all happen.

VTHH: The "Rhyme and Unreason" format is such a dope idea. How did you hammer that out? Was there some experimenting, or did it come to you in a flash?

Omega Jade: It first came to me when I put a line from my cockeyed joke in a verse I was writing. Then I remembered the Hip Hop documentary Rhyme and Reason, and adjusted the title to fit my vision. I believe I've been experimenting with it since then, to be honest. But at the same time, the people that have been a part of this really didn't have a hard time helping my dream become a reality. I think it was organized chaos that just worked itself out.

VTHH: It's a lot of stoned white dudes around here. Do you feel like the BTV scene has been welcoming?

Omega Jade: With a few exceptions, I'm actually surprised by how welcoming the Hip Hop community has been. And I look forward to collaborating with more people because of that alone. I met my producer the first time I went to a 3rd Thursday cypher and show. It took me longer to be in my first comedy show.

VTHH: You're one of the most bluntly honest rap writers in Vermont. Has hip hop always been an outlet for you to process your life? 

Omega Jade: Poetry/Spoken word has always been an outlet for me. It wasn't until I started doing comedy that I considered being an MC. But all of my poetry and even some of my comedy has been influenced by Hip Hop.

VTHH: "I Rediscovered Me" does such an excellent job blending confessional with comedy -- how much do you think your standup experience informs your bar game?

Omega Jade: Let's be honest. It's about my kids father. I think at this point in my life I use laughter and the fact that I learned a lot about from this situation as a type of motivation to keep going. But I realized that my rhymes and jokes can be merged when I wrote my joke on mental illness. Lots of word play. I think hip hop has played a large role in my stage presence in all aspects of performing. Because let's face it, I'm a jack ass of all trades.

VTHH: What are you working on for future projects?

Omega Jade: Finishing my EP that I am currently working on with Rico James. And expanding my Rhyme and Unreason show to multiple locations. And I have the help to execute that mission now that I have brought more people into the production of it. Specifically Rajnii Alexander Gibbons Eddins, King-Sha-Mecca-Blaze, and Ron Stoppable. Thanks guys!

Justin Boland