Jazzy The Kid - Stay Pushing

Since his breakout beat tape, Cold Waves, St. Albans producer Dokowala has been more or less on fire. He followed that up with Loops 4 The Soul, a split instrumental LP with Instinct, and now, we’ve got a proper rap album.

His latest drop is another collaboration, this time with Jazzy The Kid, who is blessed with both a great voice for rappin’ and a natural, conversational flow. In fact, it’s a conversational EP, period — a slice of life, a moment in time.

The project feels so organic because it emerged from a single vacation session. As he puts it on “Those Were The Days,” one of the best cuts here: “just have a seat, we talk about how we livin’, writing a couple thoughts and spitting whatever’s written, just sounds fitting.” Amen.

Sonically, it’s as blunted as anything Quasimoto gave us, timelessly spaced-out boom bap. Dokowala did a damn fine job on the production and the engineering, here, the dude is evolving into a real threat.

There’s a whole St. Albans Wave incoming, really, between Dokowala’s projects, the upcoming mixtape from D.FRENCH, and whatever the Joint Manipulation crew are cooking up these days. It’s a beautiful thing. St. A won’t be slept on much longer.

Justin Boland