Dokowala x Instinct - Loops 4 The Soul

In our recent interview with 802 beatsmith Dokowala, he announced that there was a new project right around the corner: Loops 4 The Soul, a split beat tape with Instinct. That tape dropped on Monday — and it’s a free digital download, for now. There will be actual cassette copies soon, but getting tapes duplicated is tricky.

The duo have highly complimentary styles, and this is a strong set. Any given track here could get picked up by Adult Swim — both producers have a spacious, jazzy touch. Loops 4 The Soul mines funk from unlikely sample sources, and it’s the subtle moves that really make it work. Much of the material here is primed for your next “chill beats” playlist, but there are some real burners on deck, too.

Overall, another impressive release from a producer on a hot streak, and a great opportunity to get familiar with Instinct. Dig it.

Justin Boland