THE FIVE SPOT: Fattie B of Belizbeha


Our guest selector this week is none other than Fattie B, renaissance mammal. He’s obviously got a couple dozen other accomplishments he’s just as well known for, but this week, he’s “Fattie B of Belizbeha,” friends, because Belizbeha are celebrating their 25th Anniversary at Higher Ground this Saturday, October 5th. A lifelong DJ and natural-born selector, he was of course down to contribute a 5 Spot piece.

Now, since the man is used to letting the music speak for itself, the blurbs may be shorter than usual this week … but this mix absolutely slaps. Enjoy.

"Microphone Fiend" - Konflik

Konflik pays homage to the God MC, Rakim.   Best MC this state has ever known.  Period.

Restructured & mixed by @nasteeluvzyou

Recorded by @skysplitterink at The Sky Lab (BVT) 

"Give Up On Me" - Vader The Villin

Vader The Villin, aka Kolter Hodgson (formerly of Burlington and now in NYC). Super talented visual artist and musical genius.

Produced by Accent.

"Take My Money" - Smalltalker

Burlington-based band. Really love this.

"Naturally (feat. Fattie B.)” - PRO

Just love the vibe of this track and was so honored to be asked to spit on this buttery groove.

Produced by Rico James & ILLu. Cuts by Touchphonics, DJ Framework, E Train. Mixed & Mastered by Pro.

"BeeDoo (feat. Jennifer Hartswick)” - Fattie B.

My favorite track I've ever made with my favorite saaanger, JENNNNAY.

Recorded in 2003. Beat by Future Methods and Nastee.

Justin Boland