Es-K - "ReCollection"


Es-K’s latest LP is a surprise: somehow, a prolific, polished producer in the middle of years-long hot streak is still audibly improving his tradecraft. “ReCollection” is a tight, ambitious album. It’s also available on Fat Beats, which is kind of a big deal.

Es-K’s latest project stands in clear contrast to his recent releases. Where “Trust The Process” played like an extended mixtape, “ReCollection” is all sharp turns and finished ideas. It’s also a million miles away from the consistent, melodic vibes of “Koans” or “Continuance.” Showcasing a huge variety of styles over 24 tracks, it’s obvious that Es-K wants to make a point about his versatility, here. And while the album is a journey, it’s a carefully tailored ride, too — his transition game has never been more inventive.

Speaking of journeys: Es-K will be in Spain this week, celebrating the album release, doing shows and working on a collaborative album with The Deli and Jansport J. Props to the maestro for keeping it global.

Justin Boland