THE FIVE SPOT is a feature where I invite local artists to recommend some of their favorite artists, from Vermont and beyond. The catch is that the fifth track has to be one of their own. For the latest installment, I hit up St. Albans representative & jazzy boom-bap master Dokowala. His words are carefully chosen and his selections are 100% local produce. Enjoy.

DJ A-DOG - Eddie Henderson

“I could listen to this on loop for infinity. Give the whole album a listen. You will learn something, guaranteed. Genius with the blends & loops. - R.I.P. A-DOG”

Es-K - Mentally Slated (Feat. Danny Whitney)

“This track highlights both Es-K & Danny Whitney’s strengths. Fitting for spaceflight. Always gives me goosebumps. Their collaborations are always so killer.”

Cognac Cousins - Fxck The Landlord

“I fuck with this 100% - knocks harder than a landlord on the 5th. Breeze crafted a hell of a beat here too. A man who raps & produces - that’s dangerous. Let me put a beat on that album fellas!”

OldGold - IGotYou Feat. Crusty Cuts

“Usually, I blast this as I speed out of the work parking lot to freedom. The use of multiple records here is unreal. One of my favorite versions of “Emily” is even snuck in there. Seriously fellas - this shit is ridiculous.”

Dokowala - Hawks In Flight

“Not a huge fan of talking about my own work but I remember making this beat. I love sampling the most obscure tracks I can dig up. For sure one of my own favorites.”

Justin Boland