ROUNDUP: The Long Weekend


VTHH has been busy lately, but the 802 rap scene has been even busier. Today’s installment of the ROUNDUP series is a mix of some brand new tracks and a few gems I missed on vacation. Let’s get straight to it.

First up, BL SPITZ has been hard at work on his debut album, Mr. Credible, which should be dropping soon. “Dis Wut I Do,” which will be featured on that LP, is a rock solid slice of 90’s NYC-style cocaine rap. “This Will Be A Masterpiece!!” he assures us, “One That Will Get NATIONAL Respect [bicep emoji].” Stay tuned.

I slept on this tightly crafted, spaced-out single from Selfish Presley and Jibba “The Gent” when it dropped. That was a mistake. “Gilligan” is a sweet slice of stoner escapism, with two sharply cut verses to match. Selfish has been his usual non-stop, one-man production pipeline, spinning out beats (as THEN WHAt) and constant videos (as Vego Harris) and cooking up several new projects. Jibba is currently putting the finishing touches on a new Causin’ Effect album, which should be wild.

The biggest mistake I’ve made lately, though, would have to be missing out on a brand new Raw Deff track featuring New Jersey legend Pacewon of the Outsidaz crew. “Gone Crazy” is just as good as you’d expect — both of these men are certified spitters and this beat is relentless. Raw Deff has a new album on the way, “The Impeccable Nobody,” which will drop on August 23rd. Expect to hear a lot more about that soon.

Up next, the latest LP from Equal Eyes Records is a blast of pure boom bap. Loop Junkies, the new project from Ill Effect, is heavy on up-tempo, fast-moving rappin’-ass rap music. Assuming you’re into such fare, well, this is something you should check out ASAP. It bangs.

March Davis has been paying dues forever, and it shows. His product is increasingly polished and professional, and his fanbase has been expanding the whole time. “Hunnidmo” is a flip of Teddy Rose’s hit trap anthem, but this ain’t a remix — it’s his own wave, woozy and heavier on vibes than bars. It also sounds as good as anything on the Billboard charts right now.

Ciurleo and Fre$h have both been hustling heavy in 2019. Obviously, it’s a no-brainer to release a song named after a hugely popular TV show right after a new season of that show drops. Despite an obligatory Demigorgon reference, though, “Stranger Things” is mostly a song about getting very high. There will always be a demand for that, too … especially in Vermont.

Finally, this ain’t exactly a track but it is exceptionally dope: this hour-long mix of Dokowala beats is a perfect soundtrack for getting work done, getting nothing done, or, of course, writing hella raps. It’s also proof that this young man’s archives are pure flames, just like all his recent releases. Dokowala is one of the best in VT right now. Give this a spin today.

Justin Boland