ROUNDUP: Way, Way Too Many Updates


Coverage here has been a lot slower than I’d like, but my free time has been non-existent. So, what follows is a rapid-fire rundown on, more or less, all of the stories that should have been getting a spotlight here. My apologies to the artists and promoters.

First up: there is an absolutely massive show going down at Babes Bar in Bethel this Saturday, July 27th. It’s the second edition of the ALL VERMONT EVERYTHING cypher shoot, this time featuring three separate cyphers, featuring Mister Burns, Jibba “The Gent” and Konflik, respectively. (Featured producers this time around: Rico James, THEN WHAt, and Vazy.) This is going to be a huge celebration of the 802 scene, in addition to marking the release of the first Unite The Underground Mixtape and the birthday bash for Hustle & Loyalty Records kingpin David Phair. All this for only $5. Doors at 7 pm.

This weekend also brings us a new edition of Omega Jade’s series Rhyme and Unreason at Swan Dojo, a BYOB venue located at the top of Church Street. The lineup is exceptional this time around: Meredith Gordon, Tarzan Jenkins, Ryan Kenyon and Owen Foley are in charge of the comedy, and SK1, Mavstar, Learic and Humble will be holding down the freestyles. This will be a great evening. $7 show. 9pm start.

In the past month, music video machine Vego Harris — aka THEN WHAt, aka Selfish Presley — has been on an absolute streak. In fact, he’s dropped so many new videos that I’ll have to do a whole separate ROUNDUP post to address them all. (And, to his credit, all of them are worth covering.) For now, though, check out an actual Selfish Presley video, “I Want It All.” This is a damn slick piece of work.

There have also been a slew of new releases. Southern VT party rap phenom SirchoBangz dropped a mixtape, Balenciaga Bangz, chock full of club anthems and trap-flavored bangers. The Street Religion team is prepping for a busy summer/fall season with Cognac Cousins, a mixtape featuring Raw Deff and Yung Breeze. I reviewed it this week for Seven Days, because it’s so well produced that shit is basically an album. Just to emphasize: Deff and Breeze are both ridiculous talents.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Highest Lows, the debut LP from St. Albans rapper D.FRENCH, dropped last Friday and it has been on heavy rotation here ever since. This is a contender for Album of the Year. Check out the single “On Gawd,” which features none other than the Cognac Cousins themselves….

There are equally impressive releases just over the horizon, too: none other than Learic and Es-K are teaming up for Thought Instruments, a full-length album that drops on Equal Eyes Records August 9th. You and should pre-order now. Raw Deff has a new solo LP on the way, too: The Impeccable Nobody arrives on August 23rd.

August will also bring a ton of new shows — July was curiously slow going — and a whole-ass tour from good ol’ VMB Production. Mister Burns, Jarv, Dillon and hyperactive legend Eyenine will be at Higher Ground on August 3rd, kicking off their “All Fun and Games Tour.” More on that soon.

Finally, A_Dog Day is coming. 2019 marks the 6th annual celebration, which is remarkable, because it seems like this has been going for a decade now. The lineup is packed and there are more announcements yet to come. Meanwhile, check out this awesome re-cap video from 2018, courtesy of the team at Church Street DJs, who are a huge asset to the scene.

Justin Boland