Talking "Kumbaya" with Jibba "The Gent"

Today, Jibba “The Gent” dropped a dope new video for his “Kumbaya” single from awhile back. Between the Flip Physics beat and the Brad Vazy directed visuals, this is a dynamite combination and a low-budget triumph. I hit Jibba up for a quick conversation about the video and what he’s been up to.

VTHH: Awhile back, you took the unusual step of asking your fans to decide what your next project would be. Turns out they wanted a new Causin' Effect LP. How is that puppy coming along?

Jibba: I needed some encouragement to take the right step, it seemed like I wasn't fully diving into either project so it was time to make a choice. I'm so happy people picked the Causin' Effect album because it's been nothing but fun. We should be rolling out singles starting in a month.

Vazy and I would have liked to release our newest "Summer Jam" on the fourth of July, but we decided we needed to hit up SkySplitter to take our sound to the next level. I just got back the first draft and boy oh boy, did he make us sound good! This one will be dropped with a video in Mid August. One song a month is the desired schedule until the full album is released.

VTHH: How did this awesome “Kumbaya” video come together?

Jibba: It's funny because the song recently turned a year old, and never really gained much traction as just an audio single. Vazy and I were chillin' and decided to just start filming what we were doing. We used our resources and went with the flow for two days and Vazy whipped up something proper with it. I couldn't be more happy with how it came out.

I had already shot this video once around a huge bonfire with the homies from Hustle and Loyalty Records but unfortunately all that footage was ruined. Maybe we got a little too lit that night. A Bluetooth speaker ended up getting roasted that evening as well. Sorry Joey!

VTHH: What else do you have cooking this summer?

Jibba: All I'm doing is recording and preparing for 656 Fest! Make sure you get there!

Justin Boland