Let's All Argue About the Daysie Awards Again: 2019 Edition


It’s that time of year again. The Seven Daysies are a long-standing tradition that, due to a total lack of any competition, have become a proxy for.actual Vermont Grammy Awards. And although I’ve referred to it in years past as “a Burlington-centric, inherently imperfect, flat-out popularity contest” — it’s also a genuine measure of clout.

This year’s list of nominations is a lot like any other year: a few inevitable nods, a few surprises, and the obligatory “wait, who the hell is that?” contender.

Jarv, Learic and 99 Neighbors are pretty much the entire horse race for 2019. No offense intended, here, but I’m a realist. Jarv won last year, Learic is the single most respected rapper in our scene, and 99 Neighbors are, well, blowing the fuck up. Still, the rest of the nomination slate is quite interesting.

A2VT have been expanding both their lineup and their reach — they got featured on AfroPop.org and their most recent music video, the triumphant “Wave Your Flag,” has just broken 100,000 views. That’s huge, and it’s obvious they’re just getting started, too.

The inclusion of D. FRENCH surprised me. I’m a straight up fan of his pen game, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t expect him to have that kind of reach until after he drops his debut album “The Highest Lows.” I was quite wrong. Furthermore, his brother, Isaac French, got a nomination for the Best Pop Artist or Group category. Props to a talented family from St. Albans.

Finally, a lot of people were asking who DIGGS was, despite the fact I’ve covered them here already. I’m not offended; I know most of you only read this stuff when it’s about you. Despite the fact they’ve been an intermittent presence at live shows, doing full-band live hip hop will always win you an audience in BTV, so I’m less surprised to see them here than most of y’all haters were.

So: were there people who deserved to be on that list who aren’t? Not really, no. You need to run a campaign to win a campaign, and no part of this game is a talent show.

On second thought, scratch that. Last year there were two big winners: Jarv and Loupo, who won for Best Electronic Artist or Group. That’s not exactly a Best Hip Hop Producer category, but it was at least close. That category is gone, which is unfortunate. Hopefully it gets resurrected next year — or better yet, we get that Best Hip Hop Producer category. There is definitely a deep enough talent pool here to justify that.

So props to everyone who got the nod, and good luck to the contestants. Voting starts on June 10th and we’ll find out who won in August. Democracy takes time and, generally, satisfies exactly nobody. It’s a system that works!

Justin Boland