ROUNDUP: Summer Radio Jams, Bro


Yesterday, I posted a whole ROUNDUP that was out-of-state artists. So it’s only right I fix that today, with a proper look at some recent singles and collaborations from the native population. 2019 has been crazy busy. The quality control is improving sharply for dozens & dozens of local heads, so competition for attention — and fans in a state with 600k people — is going to be intense by New Years.

First up, Sircho Bangz hustles hard & does real work, and I have definitely slept on giving him due coverage here. His latest, “Ain’t Ready For It,” showcases the high-energy, party-friendly style that’s been winning him a growing fanbase through live shows. (You’ll find that’s a real repeating pattern for successful artists in this music game.) His bars are nimble and his goals are big.

Another contender is Alpha, who is — I shit you not — the actual ninja protege of Windsor rap legend XP. (All Hail The Heavyweight Champion.) And it shows, too. His opening verse here is a calm, confident performance, and this is a seriously knocking beat. ”Art of War” also features Yung Breeze, who of course raps his ass off.

Yung Breeze never stops doing that, either. He also runs a regular FB Live music show, #TheNewRadio. Does he sleep? I could fill up the rest of this post with about half of his recent work, but if I had to pick, Breeze going off alongside St. Albans representative D. FRENCH is bippin’ as fuck. Two of my personal favorites, right here.

Speaking of St. A, Eugenyks of Joint Manipulation has been busy with Bourbon Legends, his new supergroup alongside Eyedos of JynxINC, one of the hardest workers in our scene for years now, and Hoarsehed of Epidemiks. “Family Recipe” is a dope throwback piece. Props to the team. If you’re digging this, check out their other recent single, “Tell-Tale Dark.”

These is no such thing as too much SkySplitterInk. “Aquarious Needles” was a recent submission of his for the regular Sample Challenge that Flip Physics helps run over at the Vermont Hip Hop Artists Collective, a Facebook group that is more or less exactly that. As ever, SkySplitterInk is doing full-blown compositions and this was a cool little short film.

MC Firebomb’s “Float On” is juvenile, profane, and well-written. It’s also downright funky, and shifting feels mid-track will never fail to earn you bonus points. He will be performing this Saturday, June 22nd at the “Freak Power Presents Summer Solstice Social” which sounds, well, Extremely Fucking Vermont. I dig it. The bill is packed with good local rap, too. BYOB & $10 door.

In closing, Omega Jade and Rico James made a track about weed and I was clearly asleep at the wheel, because somehow this never got covered here. Today is about atonement, bro. Atonement and sweet, sweet summer jams, bro.

Big thanks to the creators. Have the best summer you can.

Justin Boland