NEW: Juni and KISH4WN - The Astral Project


After a lot of hype — and mixing — Juni and KISH4WN of Hellafader have dropped their debut LP, The Astral Project. It’s a wild ride: melodic, psychedelic and distinctly different. I described this to a friend last night as “Like if Bone Thugz N Harmony smoked DMT instead.” In reality, though, this album is packed full of weed references, so maybe time is a flat circle, after all.

Back when I interviewed Juni here in February, this project was an EP, and it was right around the corner. The album has clearly benefited from the extra studio time. These are extremely polished, intricate tracks, and the SkySplitterInk mixes bang in high fidelity.

The Astral Project is so cohesive that it’s genuinely hard to suss out a favorite track or an obvious single. The transitions here are smooth and the sound is very consistent, aside from “Inner Demons,” but that’s more like extra spice than a missed step — despite the harder edge, that track definitely belongs here.

I’m looking forward to more material from Hellafader. They’re carving out their own aesthetic, they’re making careful moves, and they’re weird as all hell, too.

(For the artists reading this: take more time. Let your work marinate. It will only be stronger for your efforts. And besides, the gaping maw of Bored People Online is going to forget about you by next week no matter what, so why not hit them with your best possible work?)

Justin Boland