VIDEO: Pro - "DadBonics"

Fresh off the surprise release of his debut solo LP, After Dinner Before Dawn, Pro follows up with a surprise single for Fathers Day, “DadBonics.” This is, of course, a flip of the classic Big L track “Ebonics” — and as a side note, if you’re not familiar with that track already, you have should not be rapping at all. Son.

“DadBonics” is both clever and funny, so this is more or less a home run. Obviously, babysitting bars and kid jokes won’t end any other way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this video grows some legs beyond the Green Mountains, either…this is very “viral” stuff, as the suits say. (Also, the ILLu beat is nicely updated & tailored.)

No word on what’s next from the dad rapper extraordinaire, but then again, why should there be? After Dinner Before Dawn just barely dropped, it’s packed of hyper-articulated boom bap and there’s no way you’ve digested all those gems yet. If you haven’t heard it yet, fix that now.

Justin Boland