First and foremost, huge thanks to the artists and fans who made this so fun. The results exceeded our expectations. Top 3 Rappers was tightly contested category, as expected, and Top 3 Producers yielded far fewer responses, which was disappointing. We got over 250 votes, but well over a hundred of those were duplicates and repeat submissions from the same locations…so what was that worth?

Remember, though: there is no mercy here. So, for the first annual VTHH SUMMERSLAM, it’s time to make a few shocking announcements.

Good Citizen of the Year

The results of all our extensive polling? A six-way tie. We are blessed to have so many contenders. Despite dozens of other worthy nominations, here are your overall winners … for your final consideration: Brett North, Colby STILTZ, Zach Crawford / Skysplitter, Mister Burns, Omega Jade & Scottie Raymond.

SUMMERSLAM Vermont Producers

Why did this category get fewer nominations than the rappers did? The contrast is stark, bud. We will investigate this mystery in more depth soon. In the meantime, we’ve got a wide-open shoot-out to finally decide who the nicest is. Choose carefully.

..And Now The Big News.


I absolutely promised that everyone nominated would win a spot on the final ballot, and I absolutely lied. This isn’t some kind of backyard talent show. There have been so many submissions in the RAPPER CATEGORY that we’re taking some awesome, hilarious, and inevitable measures. First up: everyone with five or fewer nominations is withdrawn from SUMMERSLAM 2019 competition, effective immediately. Gone.

After all, some rappers are serious, but … most rappers aren’t. The big winners (20+ real nominations) are being broken into a separate category; everyone else is being lumped into the “Intercontinental Class.”

First Up: A Six-Way Lethal Battle Between Our Heavyweight Contenders.

The top 6 are a mile away from their closest contenders. Only one of them can win. This is the final countdown: Eugenyks, Framework, Jarv, Learic, Raw Deff, and XP. Those names were so far ahead of the rest they simply have to exist in their own weight class.

The Intercontinental Class of Contender

Finally, here’s the end of your tour of duty: who is next up? Who is impossible to avoid in 2019? Who is hustling circles around their competitors? After this, you’re all done and we thank you for your service. Voting runs until Saturday morning — after that, things should get weird.

Here’s the official ballot.

Thanks again for your time.

Justin Boland