VTHH SUMMERSLAM '19: Banned on Facebook


The old inbox is blowing up, and that’s some rough timing, because yours truly got a seven day suspension from Facebook. (For posting a .jpg of Charles Manson laughing, in case anyone is curious.) It’s a classic story: huge, unaccountable corporations destroying the hard work of independent creative geniuses like myself.

Although Facebook is a sad, retarded wasteland, it also provides 60% of the traffic this website gets, day after day, month after month. It is truly impressive how much Zuckerborg was able to eat the entire internet. Also, kind of sad.

However, this is the shit future we live in, and there are still a few hours left to GET THOSE NOMINATIONS IN before the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that are coming tonight. So please, share this message far & wide, so that young, hungry artists in 802 know that I’m not ignoring their friendly introductions. Thank you.

Remember, you can always contact me directly from right here.

Oh, and here’s that form again:

Summerslam is coming. NOTHING WILL STOP THE SHOW.

Justin Boland