May 9th: VT Hip Hop Showcase @ Waking Windows


The lineup for the Waking Windows showcase this year is a rock solid roster of 802 talent. It’s also going to be a Four Elements party, featuring the Anthill Collective, the Rhythm Riderz Crew, and Green Mountain scratch technician DJ Kanga on the decks.

If you don’t know what Waking Windows is: you should definitely go check it out in May. Modeled on what SXSW used to be down in Austin, it’s a music festival that takes over every available space in Winooski, including sidewalks and parks, for the purpose of booking more shows than anyone could possibly see. (You may think I’m kidding about that, but nobody’s laughing.)

Props to Mister Burns, who has grown this showcase into a real cultural force, not to mention the unofficial kickoff party for the Summer season of “shows you don’t have to wear jackets to.”

Side Note: Waking Windows is also sponsoring the upcoming Sammus show at Arts Riot, which is a dynamite lineup for a mere $10. That’s next Friday, April 12th. She slays, and so does opening band JUPTR.


Justin Boland