SATURDAY: Es-K Performs at Flynnspace

Art: “Last warm day in November” by   Meryl Lebowitz

Art: “Last warm day in November” by Meryl Lebowitz

Tonight, Es-K will be performing a very special set as part of the New Voices series, which is curated by St. Michael’s professor and local music scene heavy William Ellis. He’ll be tearing through a selection of his favorite compositions alongside some special guest musicians, sitting in to fill out the sound. (And, perhaps, to audition for the live band that will hopefully emerge from all this experimentation and hard work.)

We’re spotlighting Es-K for obvious reasons here, but the headliner is Mal Maiz, a dynamite Afro-Caribbean ensemble led by local musician / magician Maiz Vargas Sandoval. There will also be a set from a Bantu comedian, Abow Ibrahim.

All Ages. 8 pm show. Tickets are still available at $15.

Justin Boland