Learic and SkySplitterInk Announce "The Theorist"


Equal Eyes Records have announced their next release and, well … damn, bud. Nice. The teamup of Learic and SkySplitterInk is a perfect match: both of them have grown into masters of their craft, and both of them are thoughtful, multi-talented creators with wide-ranging influences. These are not compliments, but humble facts.

The Theorist, however, proves to be far more than a new rap album. The project is a cinematic story broken into seven chapters, and they’ve got a video on tap for each one. That’s an impressive amount of work. Yesterday they dropped a teaser of sorts — the intstrumental “Opening Credits” leaves us with more questions than answers, for sure, but it also establishes that this is going to be a serious project. It sounds amazing, too, a mashup of giallo drama and the synth orchestration of Vangelis.

Props to DVP Cinematography. The Theorist drops on April 26th.

Justin Boland