Special thanks to guest writer Teece Luvv.

I realize this is shared on Vermont Hip Hop News, but I need you to realize I listen to multiple genres.


Coquette - Rabbit Season

First off, this is one of my favorite bands period. They are all insanely talented to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as wild in my life as I do when hearing them live. The harmonies, sheer skills on their respective instruments, and capability to play time signatures you’d never think were possible, are all top notch. Notable, is “Copernicus The Capricorn’s” breakdown at about 3:27 on the same EP. Check them out.

The Pilgrims - Fav New Kid

This video is killer. The line about smoking “rectum ass bud” is totally relatable, although I don’t smoke anymore. I had the opportunity to be in another one of their videos, and have been a fan for a while now. When I mean fan, I don’t just mean, “Ah, yes. Another local band, of course I’m down with them.” These dudes are all great musicians and great people. Their music is along the lines of something I’d like to do. Hell, maybe I envy that a little bit. PLUS, the high harmonies at 2:04. Boo Yeah.

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass - didn’t i know

First off, the drums in this are fantastic. The mix is raw, and everything about MJTP is authentic. The horn section is perfection. The whole Baby Steps album is something great front to back. It’s something I can listen to at any time, of any season, and it fits whatever mood I’m in. The words mean something, and that means a lot to me. This album and many other songs by MJTP stay in steady rotation, and will continue to do so. If you are down with folk tunes, I highly recommend.

Jarv Ft. Nahte Renmus - This is It

My list wouldn’t be complete without the bois. And this happens to be one of my favorite tracks of 2018 in general. They do this song during our Maiden Voyage set, and it’s one of the high points for me. Dudes always kill it with the back and forth. My favorite lines are Jarv’s, “I will be the leader of a super human centipede.” As well as Nahte’s, “I’m the reason Liam Neeson don’t know where his daughter is.” Nobody in the state has bars like that, ha. “Okalie Dokalie Bokalie.”

Teece Luvv - Deep Colors

This is my personal favorite track of mine that’s been released thus far. I have some new stuff on the way that you wouldn’t expect, which I personally think is better. Still, this is one of my favorite songs I’ve made. Teeba is behind the production on the whole “Young Luvv EP.” His production is tight, and lets me push boundaries. I enjoyed making this whole EP with him, but this song always stuck out. I also enjoy doing this live now, it allows me to get all sensual on the crowd.

Teece Luvv will be dropping new jams for the Sunday Flow Practice series every week, indefinitely, or at least until he grows weary of such pursuits. His most recent LP, !PLEH, is available on BTV label Equal Eyes Records.

Justin Boland