DJ Kanga: Live from The Radiator

A Saturday Special for the folks at home: last week’s Equal Eyes Radio session on 105.9 FM The Radiator featured DJ Kanga(nade) selecting and cutting for an impressive two hour set. Fortunately, that performance got recorded and now you can enjoy this on your own schedule, courtesy of Rico James. Dig it.

If you missed last year’s interview with Kanga, it’s a great read and it still gets a lot of traffic in 2019. The man loves what he does.

The Radiator is a local BTV institution run by Big Heavy World, the non-profit guardian angels of the 802 music scene. (Really, tho.) They’ve got a broad selection of flavors on tap and a lot of opportunities for local hip hop artists, too. Also check out Heavy Hittas on Friday nights from 10 pm to 1 am, with DJ Flame selecting deep cuts and reggae flavors, and producer / DJ / superhuman Fattie B’s show Bangers and Mash, which starts at 10 pm every first and third Wednesday.

The next episode of Equal Eyes Radio will be Sunday, Feb. 17th, 10 am to High Noon.

Justin Boland