VIDEO: Gringo Montega - "I'm Not a Rapper"

Start your Friday off with a short, blistering and nicely produced video from Gringo Montega, one of the masterminds from the So.802 crew. “I’m Not a Rapper” is a quick statement of purpose from an artist who is quite busy toiling in other fields these days. Gringo Montega is a recent name change for the multi-faceted emcee / producer formerly known as Vazy. In addition to some standout solo work (check out “The Field”) he is/was also half of the duo Causin’ Effect alongside Jibba “The Gent.” It would be no exaggeration to call them both underground legends at this point.

The video was shot and edited by THEN WHAt, another multi-faceted veteran from the So.802 crew. This marks his first music video, but he’s been killing it lately with the Bad Cool-Aid series, as well as a recent run of artist interviews. (No Sleep coming soon.)

Now, I’m not here to blow up anyone’s day jobs, but I will repeat: true success is often completely invisible. There are a lot of artists doing big things in these woods, and because they’re doing real projects for real money — in the middle of real adulthood — they’re not putting every moment of that on Facebook and Instagram. After a certain point, there’s just nothing to prove to a bunch of anonymous strangers anymore.

So far in 2019, I’ve had two dozen artists tell me, earnestly, that this is their year, and when they blow up, they’re going to put Vermont on the map for all time. I appreciate the thought, bud, no joke. Just the same, there are far more realistic goals for you to aspire to in the meantime.

Consider: I have nothing else to tell you about Gringo Montega to finish this little post up. He doesn’t have a press kit ready to go for me and he doesn’t even care if I cover this or not. He isn’t hyping up any future projects — those surely exist, but he’s not in any rush. He doesn’t have to be. He’s got an actual fan base that’s going to wait patiently, because he’s been focused for years on making quality music and being himself on every track. Now it’s 2019 and nobody can bite his style. And he doesn’t need rap to save him.

Food for thought. That long road might be worth it.

Justin Boland