Feb 14th: Cellar Cypher Series @ Drink


Everyone in the state respects 3rd Thursdays at The Monkey House, a concert series & community hub created, and cultivated, by the Anthill Collective. That especially includes the #STILTZgang team behind the Cellar Cypher Series, a rap weekly which was evolved into a vital workshop with a rotating cast of old and new BTV rap talent. Their event is on Thursdays, too, but they’ve always taken that third one off.

The next installment marks something new: in addition to the usual open mic space, there will be a one song, “best track” competition where the prize is a slot to perform at the next edition of 3rd Thursdays on Feb. 21st. This will be decided by good old fashioned crowd response. This is both good synergy and a just plain cool idea.

Vermont may be undergoing an overall population decline, but we’re also in an era where there is more unheard talent than ever. Getting them into the ecosystem early means they’ll learn more and mature faster, right? It’s a theory, at least.

As ever, props to Colby Stiltz and Big Homie Wes for putting in the elbow grease to keep this new platform not only going, but growing. 9 pm. 18+ $5, 21+ $3.

Justin Boland