Special thanks to guest writer Omega Jade.

New opportunities are all a part of the new year. With that being said, I have been given the opportunity to bring to you something new. Introducing The Five Spot, a series for Vermont Hip Hop News. Yay me! OK, so let’s get down to business. I’m going to give you my favorite songs done by local MCs and why I consider them a favorite. One of those will include one of my released songs. Are you ready? Doesn’t matter. Here we go:

D. French- Like Stockton

This one surprised me. He has a conscious message with a flow that says swag. It was a feel good track to me. What comes to mind is a lot of self determination. Specifically in the hook, we only got one option. Because lets be real. In a lot of situations, that’s all we really have. I look forward to hearing more from him. Thank you for your contribution to the community.

Joint Manipulation (ft. Learic)- Real Hip Hop

Oh my Lord! I fell in love with this track the first time I heard it. From the beat to the lyrics. This songs brings you into a state of nostalgia because it makes you miss the days of real Hip Hop. I am actually listening to it now as I write this. Learic brings some spiritual bars that has me believing that he’s more of a shaman MC. When he says, you hear the organ in the background cuz church is in session; I felt that shit. And JM has a style that really reminds me of Immortal Technique, if he had a brother rhyming with him. They are raw. They are real. And you hear that in this song. Its always a blessing to hear MCs who know how to bring the real spirit of Hip Hop. Thank you so much for what you do.

Flex45- Flex45 Mash up

Now this one was very different than what I normally hear around here. I love that so much. He compiled multiple beats to rhyme his own verses to. Beats like 3peat-Lil Wayne, Southern Hospitality-Ludacris, Elevators-OutKast and even Rap God-Eminem. And there’s more! It is fire! His transition is flawless. He showed how versatile his flow, style and cadence is. First thing I thought of when hearing this, Papoose on Five Fingers of Death with Sway. He nailed it. If you don’t know who Flex45 is, you would be wise to learn. Thank you for your originality and contribution. Check it out.

Bitzzzzz- Chalked

You know I have to represent the female MCs in Vermont. Especially since there’s only a few of us. This track starts out with strong, powerful lyrics from the start. With a delivery that is comparable to Missy Elliot and a message that is just too real. You can tell her lyrics come straight from the heart. And the message is clear. The world is cold and you can’t always trust those you think that are for you. I look forward to doing a feature with her in the future. Because us women got to stick together. Thank you Bitzzzzz AKA Tonya Mitchell for your contribution.

Last but not least: Me.

Omega Jade – United States of Dope Men (Prod by Rico James)

This is just a piece of the story I have to tell. Its a personal look at my own issues with drugs, the crack epidemic, and the opiate crisis. It was inspired by a discussion I had recently about foster kids being fed drugs to be compliant. I was that foster child. I also lived in California during the crack epidemic. And with what is going on in Vermont and the opiate crisis, I felt a need to make it all connect. So why not write about it. It’s a favorite of my music simply because I hear what I have overcome. It also helps that I did a slight diss to Rick Ross. Because what’s Hip Hop without a diss track? No matter how small it may be. And so with all of that, I invite you to take a listen.

Well that’s all I got. But I want to take the time to say, Thank you Vermont Hip Hop News for asking me to do this. I hope we can work together again in the future. Peace.

Omega Jade will be performing at Comedy With a Splash of Color on Friday, January 11th at the Revelry Theater in Burlington.

Justin Boland