VIDEO: DJ Kanganade x SkySplitter - "Triage"

The tag team of DJ Kanganade and SkySplitterInk have just dropped a proper video for their single “Triage.” Filmed by the Church Street DJs team in some fairly iconic BTV locations, this is a fun, flashy and distinctly old-school treatment that suits the song. It’s awesome to see the non-rap elements getting represented like this, too.

No word on a DJ Kanganade solo album, but friends, I do hope that puppy is percolating in a studio somewhere. However, Equal Eyes Records recently announced that their next project will be XIX, a new LP from BTV producer, multi-instrumentalist, and ace recording engineer SkySplitter. He’s got chops that span many genres, from synth-trap luxury to future-funk R&B to EDM-infused rap bangers, so expect XIX to be a wild ride.

Expect more ill stratch tracks courtesy of DJ Kanganade, too. As the liner notes promise:

Shoutout to Colby Stiltz, MC Topic, Basic Brains, Mertz and Jibba the Gent for putting SkySplitter in the lyrics so Kanga could go all DJ Premier on “Sunken Treasure” 

XIX drops on Equal Eyes Records Friday, January 25th.

Justin Boland