Es-K - "Trust The Process"


Es-K is back with a dope new project, and it's huge. "Trust The Process" is an instrumental album with 30 tracks -- and it's also a beat tape, expertly mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa. It was only back in May when he dropped his last LP, really one of his best projects to date, "Koan.

While "Trust The Process" isn't nearly as lean as "Koan" was, the real winner there is you and me. This is a guided tour of Es-K's broad horizons, and his compositional skill remains razor sharp. So while these 30 tracks cover a lot of ground, it never drags for a second. Each cut is a puzzle box, a world of its own. 

It's the same thing that's always set Es-K apart: his real genius isn't just in finding the perfect loops, but finishing them. He's got a sixth sense for the touches that transform a collection of samples into something brand new. "Trust The Process" is an artist at the top of his game. Enjoy.

Justin Boland