Get Familiar with Alabaster Samovars


Alabaster Samovars are an improbably great rap group consisting of Philly-based producer Remington Iron and Burlington-based rapper The Marijuana Pot Man. Their debut album is one of the best I've heard out of the 802 this year, and you can read my review in Seven Days. More importantly, though, you can bump it right now:

In many ways, this is the Ricky The Fly Wine Taster album that Kool Keith promised us but never delivered. With this LP, they've become one of the most luxuriously original rap crews we've got. This is an RKO out of nowhere; this is a steel chair to the face. It's also deeply weird so your mileage may vary. Dig it.

UPDATE: by popular demand, here is a wikipedia page explaining what a samovar is. I don't judge you for not knowing. I do judge you for emailing me before using google. Cheers.

Justin Boland