Fall Hip Hop Shows @ Higher Ground


Higher Ground remains one of Vermont’s most iconic venues, and they keep booking quality hip hop, too. Here’s a quick look ahead.

Sept. 23 (Sun.) - Jedi Mind Tricks and Q-Unique. A whole lot of hardcore hip hop in the building - Q-Unique was part of NYC crew The Arsonists. (Track down their LP “As The World Burns” if you’ve never heard it.) Expect to see a clinic on crowd control. All Ages. 8:30 pm show. $20 adv / $23 door.

Oct. 9 (Tues.) - Atmosphere with deM atlaS and The Lioness. Rhymesayers is a legendary label with a lot of talent, but that legend was built on the catalog — and work ethic — of Slug and Ant. They’ve evolved into one of the tightest live shows in rap. All Ages. 8 pm show. $29 adv / $32 door.

Oct. 14 (Sun.) - Watsky with Chukwudi Hodge. It’s encouraging that artists as earnestly weird as Watsky can still thrive and tour. He will be joined by the spooky talented Hodge, a budding star in his own right. All Ages. 7:30 pm show. $20 adv / $25 door / $85 VIP.

Oct. 18 (Thurs.) - Blockhead with Yppah and Arms & Sleepers. Blockhead still counts, right? No matter how left field, Ninja Tune, or EDM his sound gets, his live show has always been straightforward & entertaining. All Ages. 8:30 show. $12 adv / $15 door.

Oct. 28 (Sun.) - Prof with Mister Burns and Jarv. Prof has been a success story for the Rhymesayers label, and he’s a lot different than their usual sound — big, funny party rap. He’ll be joined by some of the 802’s finest. A tasty ticket. All Ages. 8 pm show. $15 adv / $17 door.

Justin Boland