The crew at Heartless Ent. have released a new single — “NYTE LIFE” is a slice off the forthcoming HEARTLESS FOREVER mixtape. It’s an anthemic celebration of selling cocaine to college students and getting away with it.

BL SPITZ has been an outsized, caps-lock presence on social media since his return to the scene, and KINGBREAD — formerly known as Cornbread — is a BTV legend. Some of you reading this may remember him for him daily habit of stomping around town, screaming bars at the top of his lungs. It was a beautiful thing. Watching him startle the shit out of Sunday shoppers on Church St. … these are memories I will always treasure.

Naturally, their claims to be the best — and to be the true founders of “Vermont Hip Hop” — has generated a lot of online beef and a few IRL incidents, too.

The most interesting development, though, is the possibility of a live battle against the Street Religion crew. As a matchup, that makes a hell of a lot of sense. Both crews are working in similar lanes and definitely share some mutual influences. What’s more, that’s a lot of talented writers under one roof.

Straightforward thug rap might not be Burlington’s favorite flavor, but there’s no denying that BL Spitz and Kingbread are damn good at it. Up against a writer as sharp as Yung Breeze, well, it’s going to be an entertaining night. Keep your fingers crossed.

Justin Boland