Mavstar & ILLu - Gangsta Trail Mix


Yesterday I threw on the new Mavstar & ILLu LP and hot damn, I was impressed. It’s been five years since he dropped the Even Out EP, and during that time he’s evolved into a whole new artist. On the mic, Mavstar sounds both more relaxed and more confident, and bar game has sharpened considerably. Check out the jumpoff cut, “What’s Been Going On,” where he explains his hiatus better than I could:

Turntable wizard DJ Kanga shows up on four cuts here, and that’s a very good call. Kanga should be on everyone’s albums, and I don’t understand why he isn’t. At just eight tracks, Gangsta Trail Mix still hits you like a full meal. Every song is carefully fleshed out and it all sounds professional as heck, thanks to the experienced touch of engineer Zach Crawford aka SkySplitterInk.

The album also features one of the best rap songs about roleplaying games I’ve heard - “Dungeons & Dragons” features both DJ Kanga and Bless The Child lyricist / hermit, Humble.

2018 has been full of surprises, and this project is one of them. Gangsta Trail Mix is one of the strongest releases Equal Eyes has dropped, and definitely one of my favorite albums so far this year. Props to everyone involved.

Justin Boland