Catching Up With Jibba "The Gent"

Jibba "The Gent" has been making a lot of moves lately, but "Suite Tooth" is my favorite since his LP, The Broccoli Tree. Produced by Rico James (Equal Eyes Records) and featuring New Jersey upstart Ren Thomas alongside NH mic slayer Raw Deff, this is one of the best 802 singles of the summer. 

It's also a hint of things to come. Jibba played the first annual 6ix5ive6ix Fest up in Maine and, in a surprise announcement, signed with their label -- fresh chain and everything. Hot off recent spots on Underground Hustlin' and Grind Mode Cypher, Jibba took a few minutes to talk shop...

VTHH: How did you link up with Ren Thomas -- and is there more work with Raw Deff coming? 

Jibba: The Ren Thomas collabo came about by being affiliated with Grind Mode Cypher. Thanks to them and Rico James fire production, I was able to secure a really solid verse from Ren. We are currently working on him headlining a Vermont show and shooting a video for Suite Tooth. Raw Deff and I will most definitely be working on more tunes in the future, big shouts to Hitmen for Hire and Full Circle!

VTHH: What's the history behind your 6ix5ive6ix connection? Was your signing in the works for awhile? 

Jibba: 6ix5ive6ix has been like family to me since 2015 when Causin Effect (Vazy and I) brought out Northern Lights Nation to open for Twista in Burlington, for a show we put on with Team Dilligaf. Since then we have worked on many shows together and extended invitations to perform in each others states. Most recently the Slaine and Term show in Stowe and 656 Fest this past weekend. NLN also did an exceptional remix to "Do It For My City" featuring that insanely catchy chorus from Yung Breeze. You can find the original version on The Broccoli Tree. Northern Lights Nation is the whole reason there is a 6ix5ive6ix Records and the owner of the label, Kartoon is 1/3 of that group. We've always stayed in touch and recently he approached me with the idea of signing with his label, which I immediately responded with a yes. Keeping David Phair of HLR on for management. The label feels like home to me with my brothers Dilyrium, HVZE, Brodie James, GA South and of course Northern Lights Nation. Fun fact, if you type in NLN on a phone you will use the numbers 6-5-6. 

VTHH: What can heads expect from you in the second half of 2018?

Jibba: The second half of 2018 is looking really exciting, I've been working on my 2nd solo album as well as singles and features for various local and not so local MC's. For as much traveling and shows I've done so far, I've been able to get a lot of content finished. Most of it is currently awaiting release or a recording sesh. It will all be leaking out soon though, once all of the music is properly registered. I'm really excited about a Sky Splitter Ink and Mickey Factz collabo as well as a record where my younger brother makes his debut into Vermont Hip-hop. I also have a huge surprise for Southern Vermont Hip-hop that I am not at liberty to speak about, but I can say it's pretty darn cool! 

Justin Boland