Stuck in Vermont covers Building Blocks 3

"Stuck In Vermont" is a long-running video series that features New York transplant Eve Sollberger exploring the 802 -- with an emphasis on the arts scene & our many colorful characters. Emphasis on long-running series: she started in 2007. Since then, it's evolved into a weekly feature on WCAX news.

So it's a Pretty Big Deal to get covered on that platform, all in all. The latest installation covers Building Blocks 3, a celebration of hip hop & charity fundraiser at The Swan Dojo on Church Street. That evening was all about The Aztext, yet it's Boomslang who steal the show in this video, nabbing three song placements.

There's also a ton of dance highlights, featuring Rhythm Riderz and the SynRgy Dance Company. There are also a lot of young kids who will clearly be insanely good in five years, so you know ... fair warning, bud. 

Props to everyone involved. Building Blocks has evolved into one of the most important hip hop institutions we've got.

Justin Boland