802 Representing in Grind Mode's Upstate Underground Cypher Series

Back in May, Jarv and Mister Burns made an appearance on the Grind Mode Cypher series -- a first for our humble state, so far as I know. Not only that, Jarv was the featured artist for that installment, an acknowledgement that the young man has juice and is going places. Which is true.

Having Jibba the Gent and BL Spitz join the club so quickly is a damn good sign for the scene as a whole, then. It's also instructive that so many 802 success stories follow the same script in 2018: artists who are carving out their own lane, and working with a close-knit team to do it. 

First up was Jibba, representing the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect team with a flashy & charismatic turn alongside some heavy up and coming New England talent. Jibba's been playing a long game and we can expect to see more big moves from him this summer.

In the very next chapter, Heartless Ent founder BL Spitz is on second to deliver some hard bars. He's currently working on his solo debut, "Mr. Credible" and a mixtape, "HEARTLESS FOREVER Vol. 1.

Justin Boland