FRESH PRODUCE: The "Keenan and Karma" LP


If there's one thing Vermont has always excelled at, it's exporting talent. There are a lot of talented people up in the guts of the music industry right now who got their start in the 802. We also have a lot talent stashed up in the woods. One such specimen is Keenan Kilgore, a producer and artist who just released an LP of remixes with NYC art rap collective Karma Kids, Keenan and Karma

Karma Kids actually features a Vermonter, too: one of their members, Gruff Lion, hails from these mountains, although he's long since gone native in the city. Other members include Duncecap (Rapping is For Idiots), Lt. Headtrip (Comedy of the Filthbeast), and bulletproof spitter Googie ('Tis What 'Tis). Keenan and Karma is a deep dive into their huge catalog, and Mr. Kilgore does great justice to some real underground gems, here. 

Anyone who likes what they hear would be strongly advised to check out the rest of the Keenan Kilgore catalog. It's impressive as hell, and worthy headphone food. Kilgore manages to balance experimental & ambient elements against instrumental boom bap without doing a disservice to either ingredient. 


Justin Boland