Hitmen For Hire Strike Back


When the Hitmen For Hire LP dropped last year, it was the day after Thanksgiving. I think I bumped it about five times in a row. The recipe is unbeatable: get a bunch of talented & competitive emcees together to try and impress each other. In this case, that's Raw Deff, Yung Breeze and Judge Da Beast -- certified spitters whose styles are complimentary but not similar. That's important.

Since then they've been continuing to make noise as a unit, most recently with a triumphant set at the Waking Windows festival in Winooski. (That whole Hip Hop Showcase was an achievement; huge props to Mister Burns / VMB Productions.) 

We've also started getting new solo material from this crew, too. First up was Raw Deff, who dropped his Uninvited Guest LP back on May 11th. He's a standout talent in any room, and mercilessly consistent. The album is also packed with 802 guests -- Learic, XP and Jibba "The Gent" show up in addition to Judge Da Beast and Yung Breeze.

This joint was rolled in a number of different studios but it hangs together beautifully. Raw Deff has dropped some strong projects before, but this is his best business card to date. Also, that cover art is motherfucking hilarious. 

Next up is Yung Breeze, who hit us off with a sneak attack EP for Memorial Day weekend, Sleep Deprivation. It's a tight six song set, mostly freestyle / remix material, and functions as a reminder he's one of the best doing it. It's also a reminder that this dude is hard at work cooking up something serious, and there's a lot more Street Religion material to come this Summer. (Keep an eye out for Jun Fargo, especially.)

...and as for Judge Da Beast? Nobody who loves rap that much is gonna stay quiet for long. Sure enough, he's been hustling behind the scenes to wrap up his next mixtape, Pre Trial. He's been going through a lot of artistic growth since his 2016 project, Arraignment, and his bars get sharper every week. Expect flames. 


Justin Boland