Es-K - "Koan"

A brand new headtrip of an LP from Es-K, surely one of the most accomplished producers our humble state has ever seen. "Koan" finds the blapmaster in rare form, coming off a string of triumphant rap albums (check out "Building Bridges,"  "Urban Couture" and "Rebirth of the Slickest" if you haven't already) -- and now he's looking for new sounds. 

He's also rocking with a new label, NINETOFIVE RECORDS which is ... a pretty appropriate name for a workaholic like Es-K, really. He's also dropped a bonus track, reworking a beat off Urban Couture into an instrumental expedition with John Culbreth on the trumpet and BTV wunderkind Danny Whitney on the keys. The world could use a whole album of this.

Justin Boland