May 24th - 4th Thursday Benefit for Johnny Morris


This Thursday, Winooski's Monkey House will be hosting a massive benefit show for Boomslang producer / DJ / occasional emcee JL, aka Johnny Morris. He's a generous mammal who has been essential to building a scene in central VT, and an enthusiastic supporter of 802 talent.

He's also going through a serious medical crisis right now, so for this month's edition of 3rd Thursday, Anthill Collective is teaming up with the Hustle, Loyalty & Respect team to throw a proper barn-burner of a show. The poster ain't kidding -- the lineup is simply insane. 

On top of that, since Anthill is out here for the culture and Johnny wouldn't have it any other way, there's also going to be the usual Open Cypher at 9 pm sharp. ILLu will be providing the beats. This is a free show, but also -- obviously -- a fund-raiser, bud, so expect to find a lot of uses for spare currency that night. There will even be a bake sale. 

Be there. When Anthill and HLR combine forces, you know it's going to be a hell of a night.

Justin Boland