ROUNDUP: Organic Local Produce


This is a Smörgåsbord of quality 802 singles. Everyone is busy getting their farm stands ready for summer. There are a lot of albums on the way and a lot of big news incoming, too. Meanwhile, though, get caught up on some fresh local sounds...

First up: Raw Deff & XP team up for another banger - "Love & Hate" sounds like a million bucks. Both emcees continue to come off, well...hungrier than they have to be, which is good news for rap fans. They've been in the booth constantly cooking up new material, and much like Bar None The Best or Possibly Human, it's obvious they're aiming much bigger than our local scene. Props.

Remix contests are a young man's game, it's true. Still, Wool See is giving it a shot, and his "Heater Season" remix is a damn good shot, too. The remix contest in question is being run by Doomtree's new super-group, SHREDDERS. You can VOTE HERE. With the help of the mighty green mountain state, we may yet see his rock and roll dreams come true. Also, he has a lot of new music on the way. 

The Friends For A-DOG Foundation has been doing outstanding work in the name of Andy's legacy. A big part of that is community outreach and music education. They recently wrapped an event that combines both: their second DJ Camp at the King Street Center. Kids got a first-hand education in making something from nothing -- you know, hip hop. They got to study production, DJ'ing and songwriting with a rotating cast of excellent local artists like Es-K, S.I.N.siZZle, David Chief, Konflik, Learic and SkySplitterInk -- big salute to all involved. This track was created by the youth of the King Street Center!

Speaking of good people doing good things... BTV beatsmith, musician, engineer and all-around Clark Kent type SkySplitterInk just dropped a ferociously funky single named "Out West." It showcases both blazing instrumental work and some serious depth in his mixing game. SkySplitterInk has sworn to release more music then ever this year, so expect fireworks.

Finally, we've also been blessed with a new single from Bar None The Best, with a guest verse from Dakota. It's heat, but it's also an exclusive stream - check it out on 7th Boro.

Justin Boland