3/23: "Tired of Waiting for Rappers" - ILLu & Rico James


On Friday, March 23rd, BTV beatsmiths ILLu and Rico James will be dropping Vol. 1 of their new instrumental series, "Tired of Waiting for Rappers." (Which, by the way, is a damn great name.) 

This will also mark the first release on the new 802 label Equal Eyes Records. This is the next phase of Burlington's Cambrian Explosion -- expect to see more collectives, groups and record labels cropping up this year. As prolific producers who are embedded in multiple networks, ILLu and Rico James are both well-positioned to grow a quality catalog. 

Are there enough resources and opportunities to sustain this kind of growth in the Vermont scene? Yes, definitely. There probably won't be any single breakout artist in this wave, but we can expect multiple success stories in multiple lanes over the next twelve months. Stay tuned...

Justin Boland